Caravan Water Mains Kit for Aquaroll 40 ltr with 10 Mtr Flat Food Grade Hose

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Mains Water Adaptor Kit Ball Valve with 10 mtr / 32 feet FLAT Food Grade HoseSuitable for 40 Litre Aquaroll
•Unique kit with Space saving Flat Food Grade Hose

When using a “super pitch” this valve is an economical way to enjoy the benefits of a continuous supply of fresh water to your caravan, at an affordable price!!!

This ball valve is the ideal accessory for controlling the water flow within your 40 ltr Aquaroll,

This simple device is easy to fit – it screws into the side of your water container and all you need to do is connect with the 10 mtr food grade hose onto the adaptor and connect the other end of your hose to the water tap on your “super pitch”.
•10 metres of FLAT food quality hose complete with snap on fittings, Ball Valve, Tap Adaptors and Male to Male Connector

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