Motorhome Waterless Cleaner Wash & Polish 1 Ltr Spray by Care-avan Endorsed by Bailey Motorhomes Gives a Stunning Showroom Finish

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Care-avan Motorhome Waterless Cleaner (1 litre)

Our Motorhome Waterless Cleaner is another ground breaking product fully tested and endorsed by Bailey Motorhomes.

This quick and simple to use product is ideal if your Motorhome or Caravan is in storage, or if you do not have access to water or a hosepipe.

It can be used anytime, rain or shine, day or night.

It leaves a durable shine that repels water for up to 3 months, and it also helps prevent the adhesion of bugs, tar and general grime. Most importantly it is safe for use on metal and GRP panels.

It is the ONLY Motorhome waterless cleaner that has been tested and proven safe by Bailey Motorhomes.


1. Spray on motorhome/caravan surface

2. Wipe gently with microfibre cloth

3. Buff with a clean microfibre cloth

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