UK’s Best PTFE Car Polish 1 Litre with High Grade Carnauba Wax

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Superior Car Polish with Carnauba PTFE 1 Litre – Endorsed by UK’s leading Sports Car Manufacturer

Pride and Joy Car Polish is a superior surface enhancer, this high quality carnuaba wax polish will bring up a long lasting shine to your car and provide months of protection against the elements. It will even rejuvenate ageing and dull paintwork.

Simple to use easy on and easy off.

Feature & Benefits:

– Leaves a long-lasting shine. Protects your car for up to 20 weeks.

– Restores your car paintwork

– Removes oxidisation

– Contains no silicones

– Residue-free Non streaking, Non caustic and Non flammable. Environmentally friendly superior polish for use on both new and used cars.

– Easy on, easy off, leaving a brilliant shine. Designed for use on all car surfaces including GRP and Gelcote.
Why choose Pride & Joy PTFE Car Polish?

We are proud to be the only Car Polish to be endorsed by a one of the the UK’s leading hand built sports car manufacturers ‘Westfield Sportscars’, and all our range carry the famous Westfield Logo on the bottles.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E.)

To keep things simple PTFE is also famously known as DuPont, brand name Teflon. PTFE has a very high molecular structure, higher the molecular structure, the smaller the molecules. This creates a stronger membrane protecting the paintwork. With the use of Pride & Joy PTFE Car Polish it creates a stronger membrane preventing harmful substances from penetrating the membrane. The structure of the membrane is so tightly bonded together, to form a crystal clear protective shield on the paintwork of you car. Although the bonds in the membrane are tight it will still allow air to pass, allowing your car’s bodywork to breath, and at the same time preventing water particles from penetrating the membrane. Unless the particles density are low than that of air (none) all other elements will fail to pass through this protective membrane shield.

Pride & Joy PTFE Car Polish
contains many natural waxes including a selection of fine carnauba which gives your car that wet look finish to the bodywork. In addition to the looks you will have the added protection of enhanced fine PTFE, shielding your car from the elements that causes your car to fade, acid attacks (bird dropping), salt spray…

We guarantee you will not beat our PTFE Polish for quality or value! And with a large 1 Litre bottle it will go a long way.

Simple to use easy on and easy off.

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